Treated Grain Policy  07/29/16 8:20:25 AM

Gully Tri- Coop Association
Treated Grain Handling Policy

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Gully Tri- Coop receive (dump) any grain that is determined to contain treated grains.

The best way to prevent any chance of contamination is to take a few minutes and clean out trucks and wagons that may have been used for handling of seed grains before starting harvest.

If it is determined that treated grain has already been unloaded, the guilty party is liable for and all costs associated with the contamination. In other words if a bin is contaminated and we are unable to sell grain from that bin or we end up contaminating a bin at a terminal or processer due to treated seed we will hold the guilty party liable.

The guilty party may be asked to reload and haul away grain in a contaminated bin until such time as the bin is determined to no longer be contaminated.

All Gully Tri – Coop Association policies subject to change without notice.
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